Our restaurant is situated just five minutes walking distance from the Mayflower Theatre which makes it perfect for your pre-theatre dining.

For more information about Mayflower Theatre, please visit https://www.mayflower.org.uk/

We have a real passion for an authentic Italian food and proud ourselves with working with local producers to ensure only the best quality of our products. All our meals are prepared from fresh ingredients which guarantee the quality of food we serve.

Delicious arancini the perfect pre-theatre dining starter

One of our most popular starters is arancini. These are fried risotto balls with different fillings and coated in breadcrumbs. The history suggests that arancini originated in 10th century in Sicily when the island was under the Arab rule. In the past, these were a festive food of Santa Lucia on the 13th of December. Today they are very popular and can be found mainly in Palermo, Messina and Catania.

In Momento, you can taste our recipe filled with pesto, mozzarella & served with spicy tomato dip.

Fresh pasta ideal pre-theatre dining main course

As Italians, we love our pasta! But let us have a look what the difference between dried and fresh pasta is? The dried pasta is made with flour and water and has quite a long shelf life. In contrary, the fresh pasta is made from flour and eggs. And most importantly have a much shorter shelf life and need to be stored in a refrigerator.

And what is the secret of cooking pasta? It must be cooked “al dente” translated that means “to the tooth”. The pasta has to be soft enough to eat but still have a bit of bite and firmness to it. You can find a good selection of fresh pasta on our menu including spaghetti carbonara, pasta a la norma or one of our finest ravioli filled with goat cheese and rosemary.

Browse through our menus at http://momentobrasserie.co.uk/our-menus/

And of course, check our wine list to make your pre-theatre dining special!